Teak Shampoo

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Teak Shampoo – Removes tough stains from teak and exotic woods including coffee, wine, blood and oil. Safe and 100% biodegradable, it is gentle enough for regular use on boat decks and wood furniture. It will not bleach or discolor wood or damage seams. It is highly concentrated for many washing’s from a single bottle.

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The Teak Care Treatment line consists of products designed to clean, restore and maintain teak and exotics woods. No scraping, sanding or stripping necessary.

Instructions for Teak Shampoo use:

  • Dilute product in a bucket of fresh water according to instructions for desired strength.
  • Mop the product over the deck, you may need a sort brush to remove dried wine or blood.
  • Thoroughly rinse after cleaning is completed. For best results, do not allow the product to dry on a surface.
  • Safe for regular use.

Note: Safe when used around paint and varnish. Do not allow undiluted product to sit on a surface, rinse immediately to avoid “soap spots”.

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