Teak Table, Folding, Star Inlay, Rectangular

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Teak Table, Folding, Star Inlay, Rectangular.
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Teak Table, Folding, Star Inlay, Rectangular

Teak Table, Folding, Star Inlay, Rectangular. Teak Table, Folding, Star Inlay, RectangularA single wing with 2 wing supports and 4 hidden SS hinges.


  • Hand-crafted teak table proven to be very popular among boat owners
  • Elegant compass rose design embedded in middle of table
  • Teak is sourced solely from fully grown trees in large, state-controlled plantations in Indonesia
  • Table top is constructed around a 12 mm thick plywood board treated with epoxy
  • Surface consists of 4 mm thick, carefully selected teak slats bonded with deck caulking
  • Total thickness of table is 16 mm, not including raised edging
  • Material: Teak with black deck caulking

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