Custom Teak Deck Panels & Teak and Holly Flooring

Our custom Teak Deck Panels are made to your exact measurements and templates. Just about any dimension, plank width, thickness and seam width are made to your specification. Panels may include ready made borders or hatch frames for a superior custom look. Installation service us available by us in south Florida. Elsewhere, contact your local professional boat carpenter for installation. We will template your deck and prefabricate our ready-to-install Teak Deck Panels, simply instruct your installer to contact us for more information – this will insure your new Teak Deck will be installed correctly and on-time. 

– We will fabricate the highest quality Teak Decking Panels & Flooring Panels to your exact patterns or to your CAD design

– One project at a time or a set of panels in a specified time frame

– Panels up to 6 feet wide

– Panel sections with margin boards

– Planks are 1 13/16″ wide and the seam is 3/16″, custom sizes available

– CNC routed panels same every time

All Custom Panels are priced by actual layout plan. Please e-mail dimensions and requirement and we will give you price confirmation and delivery time.

All Deck Panels are straight planking, without borders and framingAll prices are for 1/2″ thickness. We can make thicker panels on request. Just remember that our panels have full seam thickness, so over 1/2″ thick panels are seldom needed. If only plank and/ or seam width is changed and length is under 10 feet, we can usually make your panels just additional 10% more to meet your exact dimensions. Panels over 10 feet, teak planking is full length, no seams length wise, width 23 13/16″. Longer sections can be made with staggered seams in order to achieve nice and uniform appearance. Planks used on these projects are usually random lengths ranging between 5 to 10 feet. Please e-mail your specification and we will be happy to quote your decking project.

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