Teak Care Kit – DiTech

$ 142.95

The Teak Care Kit – DiTEC includes:

Soap for daily care

Cleaner/Brightener for deep cleaning

Disinfectant kills germs, prevents mold growth

Sealer for long-lasting protection & beauty

 – 1 quart of each – 

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Teak Care Kit – DiTech

These amazing teak care products utilize the most advanced formulations to provide the longest lasting protection and finish.

Click on the links below to see each product’s full description.

DiTEC Boat Soap (1 quart) – for regular care  and cleaning

DiTEC Cleaner/Brightener (1 quart) – combines deep-cleaning and restoration of the woods natural color

DiTEC BIOCLEAR (1 quart) – long lasting mold prevention and disinfection, including COVID-19

DiTEC TRITON (1 quart) – long lasting teak sealer that repels dirt and moisture to protect and beautify

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 in