Caulk Separating From Teak

Caulk Separating From Teak, Leaking Seams

Leaking seams may just need some re-caulking orCaulk Separating From Teak in worst case the deck has to be re-done. Even small leaks or water penetration can be detected by hosing the deck and observing how it dries. Where teak or seam stays wet longer than deck around should be carefully inspected for possible problem. If water just gets in the seam but not under the planking or into sub-deck, bad seams should be removed, teak edge cleaned to bare wood, and seam re-caulked.

*Above tips and guidelines are result of years of experience and are found to be helpful and work in many cases. However, every deck is different and by no means we guarantee the results on your deck,so please use your local professional carpenter if you don’t feel comfortable working on your own.