Worn Out Seams And Plugs

 – If your seams are worn to the point where caulkingTeak-Seams-and-Plugs is gone and many screw heads are exposed, you will have to determine how much actual teak thickness is left. If the deck was originally 1/2 inch thick with 1/4 inch deep plugs, the remaining teak is only 1/4 inch thick. If seams and plugs have been failing for long time, or if the depth is too shallow for plugs, you should replace your decking. If teak decking was installed over a cored sub-deck with screws, you need to take action as soon as possible – because water is most likely ruining the sub-deck and waiting will only make repairs more difficult and expensive.

*Above tips and guidelines are result of years of experience and are found to be helpful and work in many cases. However, every deck is different and by no means can we guarantee the results on your deck, so please use your local professional if you don’t feel comfortable working on your own.