Teak Table, Balcony, Star Inlay

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Teak Table, Balcony, Star Inlay

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Teak Table, Balcony, Star Inlay

Features:Teak Table, Balcony, Star Inlay

  • Hand-crafted teak table, balcony style, can be raised up and away from wall for use, folded back down afterwards
  • Simple telescoping support will support up to 132 lbs. (60 kg) in middle of table
  • Elegant compass rose design embedded in middle of table
  • 4 mm raised edging extends all the way around table
  • Teak is sourced solely from fully grown trees in large, state-controlled plantations in Indonesia
  • Table top is constructed around a plywood board treated with epoxy
  • Surface consists of 4 mm thick, carefully selected teak slats bonded with deck caulking
  • Total thickness of table is 16 mm, not including raised edging
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Material: Teak with black deck caulking

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